When I think of black and white, I still smell the scent of acetic acid. The print is set, I keep looking at it incredulously… Then I start to appreciate it: I like it, but maybe it could be improved… a little bit more contrast, let’s try again… Ah ok: now it’s wonderful.

That’s how as a young man I fell in love with Photography, I find it beautiful to enclose such a special moment into a frame. And it becomes a profession, my profession. I feel comfortable behind a camera, analog for many years, then digital for many more already passed.

At the beginning of this adventure, I was accompanied by the reading of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, while I was daydreaming about all the places I imagined visiting. The ballads of De André and Leonard Cohen served as a soundtrack, filling the empty spaces.

Some time has passed, but that passion has never faded; instead, the digital challenge and the learnings about augmented reality fuel even more that relentless desire to know, which pulses powerfully within me.

Professionally, I focus on architecture, it’s not a coincidence: my first architectural photos are for my wife Delia and her architecture thesis. Now she follows me in this “seeing”.

I have a profound admiration for the profession of an architect. Seeing some projects inevitably makes me think about how much thought has been dedicated to that place, to that project. I am passionate about architectural photography and everything within it. It’s a continuum, which sometimes expresses a mastery of coherence.

And then? Only Architecture? I love the architecture of life, the one that urges you to photograph without any compensation, for the simple pleasure of photographing and nothing else. That’s how the experiences chapter is born, an explosion of joy in front of truly unusual visual discoveries.

And still, I haven’t given up on seeking. I search for encounters, places, people. Sometimes they look for me and then we meet. Meeting up means speaking the same language; visually, it means representing the work of others to the best, sometimes dozens of companies coming together to form special environments.‌

I must admit that this wonderful job also brings a considerable amount of anxiety: waiting for the right light, hoping for favorable weather, finding that precise situation… Anxiety is a companion that never leaves you but, perhaps it’s the key to everything because it allows you to do well, very well, in the constant search for visual composition and the best side of everything.

Europe, Asia, the East, the United States, China: I owe everything to my clients, whom I try to repay with the utmost commitment, in an attempt to find the best synthesis. The images become a living narrative, they become stories to remember. It’s at that point that I am asked to create a synthesis of harmony. And it’s beauty.

There, I don’t seek anything other than beauty. The beauty that, perhaps, will save us.

And then the next photo… That one, yes, that could be the best.